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Meet Spreaker Prime.
The professional podcaster's dream.

Our white-glove service for increasing your exposure, maximizing your ad revenue and streamlining your publishing.

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Our editors are in constant contact with major distribution outlets and promote your show on a number of platforms, content review sites, podcasting newsletters and so on.

Marketing Support

Free Hosting

In addition to free hosting, part of Prime’s benefit is free access to Spreaker’s publishing platform, which includes advanced analytics, the ability to host multiple shows under one account, and unlimited content archive hours. 

Priority Customer Care

Your questions and concerns land at the top of our customer care team’s to-do list. That means you spend less time waiting and more time recording. 

You can count on easy and automated advertising revenue for your existing podcast (where you get 60% of the cut). Episodes will update with new ads every time they’re played or downloaded so that your evergreen content stays that way.

Dynamic Ad Injection

Spreaker Prime supports the growth of up-and-coming publishers and podcasters by increasing exposure and maximizing monetization through a variety of features, plus a few perks just for being Prime.

As a Spreaker Prime member, one of these premier advertising partners 
could be heard on your podcast.


If you’re not Prime, you’re missing out on the opportunity to increase your podcast’s reach and ad revenue. So, what are you waiting for?

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