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Live Shows 

Simple Content Management System

Manage every aspect of your podcast from one place, from its metadata to its artwork.

With Spreaker you can create a LIVE podcast, with callers and guests. Just with a few clicks!

Show and tell your story with our embedded player. Keep all your content at its homebase.

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Upload episodes, one or several at once. Add a description and hit publish or schedule it for a later publishing.

Publishing tools

Enjoy effortless podcasting through our in-built One-Click Distribution. You'll easily distribute your podcast to all the major platforms as Apple, Spotify or iHeartRadio.

Professional Analytics

The importance of understanding your stats cannot be overstated. 

They offer a complete reading of your listeners, such as who they are and where they’re from. 

Spreaker offers you detailed analytics, including sources, listener demographics and geolocation

Know from which devices listeners are tuning in from and draw on all this data to make informed decision.

Interactive Media

Ask yourself: how accessible is my podcast? Enrich your story with extra media content – images, external links and more – that engages your audience and offers a deeper understanding of your story. The more value for listeners, the greater value for you too.

Build your podcast’s brand

Complete your brand’s image and establish a direct connection with your listeners – get a Mobile App dedicated exclusively to your podcast and keep your audience engaged wherever they go.

Spreaker’s Monetization Program is set up as an Ad Revenue Sharing program, meaning you earn money from ads that are placed throughout your content. 

Audio ads provided by our partners will be automatically placed throughout your episodes at different intervals and will be determined by location.

Make money with your Show

One-click Distribution! 

Spreaker powers thousands of podcasters like you!

It's a podcaster oasis! 

I wish I had all of this technology when starting my first podcast!

I wish I had all of this technology when starting my first podcast!

It helps you turn a podcast hobby into a viable business.

It's a podcaster oasis! 

I wish I had all of this technology when starting my first podcast!

All the tools to record your content and be heard everywhere!


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