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This course, originally a live series of webinars, has already trained more than 3,000 podcasters across the globe. Because of overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, we decided to rerelease the videos (with four one hour lessons) as a free course so we help even more podcasters – or future podcasters – become more proficient and successful at their craft!

Topics covered in each lesson:

Online Course: Podcasting from A to Z

After completing the course, you'll be able to...

About Spreaker:

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Learn how to create, promote and monetize your podcast with a free course  from Spreaker.

How to turn your idea into a solid podcast concept

Find the right recording equipment and  editing software for you

Know how and where to host and distribute your podcast

Create a podcast website

Develop a sustainable marketing strategy

Produce a successful launch plan

Seek out podcast sponsors

Begin programmatic advertising, and understand all of your monetization option.

Feedback from participants:


Meet the experts:

Tonia Maffeo

Head of Content
Jonathan's entire career has revolved around audio, with an extensive understanding of content and storytelling. His podcasts have garnered awards across both Europe and the US. His deep understanding of the industry is incorporated into the material.

Jonathan Zenti

Ivey Amburgey

PR & Media Specialist
Ivey will be your host throughout the course. She's spent the last seven years of her career helping businesses and individuals shape their brand identities, and communicate their messages with clarity and creativity. 

Head of Marketing
Tonia's spent nearly a decade helping podcasters and publishers find their look, voice and audience on Spreaker. She's contributed all her knowledge to this webinar's curriculum to help participants truly succeed.

Video Lesson #1: Ideation

  • Finalizing your podcast concept & name
  • Defining your podcast format
  • Creating your podcast art
  • Creating your introduction
  • Drafting an episode outline

Video Lesson #2: Creation

  • Draft an episode outline
  • Find guests for your podcast
  • Find the right recording equipment &   editing software for you
  • Know recording & editing best practices
  • Host & distribute your podcast

Video Lesson #3: Promotion

  • Create a podcast website
  • Develop a sustainable marketing strategy
  • Pitch your podcast to the media
  • Leverage beneficial partnerships
  • Produce a successful launch plan


Get access to all the slides from the presentations and a social media calendar template to help in planning and promoting your podcast!

Video Lesson #4: Monetization

  • Understand monetization lingo
  • Create an impactful media kit
  • Seek out podcast sponsors
  • Begin programmatic advertising
  • Understand membership strategies
  • Seek out host-read ad opportunities
  • Fully monetize your catalog